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1st Grader Finds Head Lice

Paige combing out her brother, she is smart and wore a cap!

Paige combing out her brother, she is smart and wore a cap!

How did this happen?  Don’t they hear me preaching about prevention ALL THE TIME????? Yes, that’s right folks, my kids have head lice and I am not pleased.

The story goes like this…the kids have a day off school (who gives a Tuesday off school anyway?), but I still have to fight lice, so they come to work with me.  My youngest firmly believes she is already an adult and keeps asking to help me, to which I tell her I am working and she needs to find something else to do.  I am finally done treating a very sweet family and Paige becomes adamant that she uses my equipment to do a head check.  Her sweet brother agrees to be her guinea pig while I clean before the next treatment.  I can’t believe what I hear come out of my daughters mouth next…”Mom, I found a bug!”.  WTF????

I always joke about the irony if one of my kids got lice…I literally talk about head lice prevention every single day…at work, the grocery store, to friends, and of course my own kids. I guess I know how well my kids listen…not at all. We traced the source to an overnight school trip where all the kids shared helmets on a ropes course and what could my teenager do… she “had to share the helmet or she would be the only one not participating”. So I am guilty of not practicing what I preach because she infected her brother also.  Thankfully the treatments take only an hour and they are officially head lice free quickly, which is a stark comparison to the weeks of combing after our last infestation a few years ago. I can officially say I personally love this business 🙂

Back to weakly head checks for my family. I admit I got lazy and stopped checking them every Sunday evening, but if I had, I would have caught this infestation quickly and avoided multiple treatments and the shame of now telling everyone that the Lice Girl’s kids have head lice…YUCK!