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Teachers are Awesome!

ABM_1399346115I want to give a HUGE shout out to teachers and school staff. They spend more hours a day than I do with my kids and do a much better job of exercising patience, wisdom, and discipline…maybe I should go back to school to be a teacher to learn how to become a parent! No seriously though, have you thanked your child’s teacher lately?  Have you told them how grateful you are that they spend 10+ months a year thinking about how your child will learn best and how to make sure they keep up with every growing pressures to adhere to testing measures. So much is expected of these amazing teachers and they receive mediocre monetary compensation and little praise.  What teacher had an impact on your life and changed your path?  I vividly remember my language arts teacher, Mr. Goodall, changed my perception of my intelligence. In one single comment about my writing, he inspired me to try harder, to be better. I can remember many moments like this in my educational career, from the school secretary to the school counselor, yet I don’t know how to get in touch with them to thank them. Thank them for being kind and encouraging to a small person who needed those words more than they knew. SO I say we start a movement of thanking our teachers, old and new, for the profound impact they have…go ahead…make a list of the teachers you are going to thank right now!

Lice Girls offers free head checks to all school personnel, always!  It’s the least we can do 🙂