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Head Lice love school trips!

It’s that time of year again when kids are going overnight to Outdoor Education with their classes and they are SO excited, but what they don’t know is that lice also love it! We see a surge of head lice infestations after overnight school trips and extended field trips. The kids are often in closer proximity once they are outside the confines of the classrooms and that means more opportunities to spread head lice. If you don’t want an unexpected visitor in your house this spring, be sure to send your child with prevention spray and bring them in for a head check when they return.  It can be the difference between a quick treatment for a new infestation or multiple treatments for your entire household if the lice settles in for the long haul. Remember lice don’t jump or fly, but they can transfer with head to head contact or if you are in contact with a surface where a bug has been knocked off the head. We often see children itching their heads or finger combing their hair and a bug is knocked off. That means all those girls who put their heads together for pictures, lay down to read books together at night, or simply borrow a brush or headband can transfer head lice quickly. Tell those bugs who’s boss and prevent head lice with out Mint Spray today!