The FDA-cleared AirAllé medical device is the ultimate in head lice treatment, killing lice and eggs through dehydration. This revolutionary alternative to treating head lice with pesticides, herbal lice remedies, suffocation products or lice combs has proven to be over 99% effective as a lice and egg killer. The device, invented by scientists at the University of Utah, kills lice and eggs through a micro chip controlled mixture of temperature and airflow, combined with a certified technicians time and technique.

Because the AirAllé device is so effective at killing lice eggs (which are the hardest for traditional lice products to kill), follow-up treatments are not necessary.

Clinical studies done on over 500 people demonstrated the safety and efficacy of the AirAllé device and treatment according to data in the peer-reviewed Pediatrics and Journal of Medical Entomology. Since then 250,000 successful treatments have been done with the AirAllé device with less than a 1% retreat.

An AirAllé lice treatment takes about 30 minutes, plus a short post-treatment comb-out. AirAllé treatments are not for individuals younger than four years of age.  The AirAllé™ device is used by certified lice professionals on individuals with dry, untangled hair that can be easily combed and is free of hair products and scalp-treatment products.

Because the purpose of the AirAllé device is to kill the lice and eggs through dehydration, dead lice and dead eggs will remain in the hair after treatment. Although dead lice and eggs don’t pose an infestation problem, Lice Girls performs a comb-out and applies a suffocating serum in the event that a full-grown louse escaped the dehydration process. The serum is equal parts olive oil and dimethicone. We are able to provide a “no live egg” certification for parents with children enrolled in a “no nit” school.


For more detailed information on head lice treatment using the AirAllé device, see the FAQ page or visit the Larada Sciences website.

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