I think I must be feeling 2 today because I have the Whys?

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I think I must be feeling 2 today because I have the Whys?

So a few days ago was our 2-year anniversary here at Lice Girls and I tried to put myself in the place of being two to see what that could mean to our busineindexss… or at least that is what I thought I was doing, and by doing that I just had lots of questions.  Big questions for the business but ones that I think are sort of healthy for a 2 year old business, ones that make us check why & how we are doing what we do.   But then I had the other whys!  The whys that get a little carried away, whys that could actually waste my time.

WHY do people continue to use toxic, non-effective head lice treatment products?

WHY are they calling super lice “mutant ninja” lice?

WHY does killing and annihilating a tiny wee bug cause me, the “Peace” major, such satisfaction?

WHY is the lice STIGMA still so prevalent today when we know lice don’t discriminate?

WHY does even mentioning the dreaded “lice” make some people itch and flinch with fear….  some even get downright psychotic  in the belief that they are THERE even when they are NOT!!

These are just a few of those “why”question that started to flood my mind as I was treating my last client.  Then with all these why’s you start to come up with a list of answers that often include some pretty wild conspiracy theories.  Does this ever happen to you?  I surely hope so, as one doesn’t like to be alone in there craziness. 

imagesWell maybe it isn’t crazy to to think that those green mutant ninja turtles are tired of living in sewers so they are mating with super powered head lice to shrink and find new homes on the top of heads… I mean that way they do get a whole new view of the world right.

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