Giant SUV = Terrible Person?

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Giant SUV = Terrible Person?


Is my SUV too big?

Ok, I am coming clean…well not exactly because I am actually killing the world slowly with my new monstrous SUV…it was only a year ago that I judged those people with huge monstrosities they called cars, that don’t fit in parking spaces, take up too much room on the already crowded ferry, and honestly just look ridiculous. Then my four kids grew taller, we have a new dog that goes everywhere with me (I really love her, but it kind of feels like I have a baby again), and we go camping/paddling throughout the summer.

So you’re probably thinking as I once did, “There are lots of options without getting a gas guzzling, ridiculous SUV”…and believe me, we tried them. The bickering that takes place as the kids climb over each other, whacking one another with their backpacks and instruments, is unbearable in the morning. Something had to change, and soon if I was going to avoid jail and the mental health hospital. We test drove this exact SUV 2 years ago and I told my husband there was no way I could drive it because I would barely be able to hear the kids in the 3rd row, it was so far back…and I must say that is my favorite feature now…I truly can’t hear their fighting and complaining…oh my how parenting changes as your kids get older and more opinionated!

So here’s my question, how many kids do you need to justify an SUV?

At what point does owning an enormous vehicle become “acceptable” and not judged?

Should I have more kids or buy an equally large boat to tow?

I guess I will just have to live with my shame and try not to hit too many cars in the grocery store parking lot as I attempt to park my big ass SUV. I am truly sorry if I don’t see you and hit something of value to you…the reality is the blind spot on my car is larger than a mini cooper, so I won’t be lying when I say I didn’t see you.


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