How will I survive summer and head lice?

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How will I survive summer and head lice?

lord of fliesOk, I know I should be excited about summer approaching so quickly, hot weather and summer vacations, but the reality is…I’m terrified! I received a very upbeat email from my kids’ school  saying “only 12 days left of school!”…WTF…that can’t be…that must be a typo of epic proportions…I…can’t…breathe.

Don’t get me wrong…I really love my kids, but working full time, growing our own food, keeping the floors only clean enough that the smallest child doesn’t stick to them when she’s throwing her tantrums and banging her head on the floor AND keeping the kids from killing each other…I’m just not sure it’s possible.  I have a sneaking feeling the lord of the flies will be remade at my house in a few short weeks. I tell my husband how worried I am and he simply says “don’t worry babe, you’ll be fine”. This is when I consider what the consequences would be if I threw something VERY heavy at him.  I decide against it and practice my deep breathing…only to realize it’s making me hyperventilate.

I decided summer camps would be a great idea…but who is taking them to and from all of these 3 hours camps??  WHY can’t camps run from 9-5 like the rest of the world…come on people!  Then I remember it was summer camp where my daughter caught head lice last year and then was kind enough to pass it around to the rest of the family…sigh. It as after the failed summer camp “bandaid” approach that I decided to invite relatives to visit over the summer…this is built in childcare, right? How silly I am…now I have 3 weeks of relatives visiting that will require the floors be a little less sticky…that backfired. I have officially declared this the summer of building resiliency, in both myself and the kids 🙂

So if you’re looking for some excitement this summer, come see us at Lice Girls…I am sure to be full of lots of crazy stories that are guaranteed to entertain!

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