The Lice Girl gets lice, seriously!

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The Lice Girl gets lice, seriously!

Lice Girls giving and receiving a treatment.

Lice Girls giving and receiving a treatment.

Well, it finally happened, this Lice Girl got lice.  So, I had been itching like crazy for four days. Sarah and I had barely crossed paths and I kept forgetting to have her check me. Then this morning I woke up and my neck was itching like crazy and sure enough I look into the mirror at home and I have the dreaded neck rash that happens when you have lice!! OH S#$!, no way….

Off to Lice Girls as a customer, really!?!? I would have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The heat felt really nice and it was literally the first time all week I had sat down and hadn’t been able to do any type of work so I tried to just relax, and I did!  The comb out was painless, well okay, Sarah pulled once, but it was nothing like my mom trying to French braid my hair when I was 7, now that was painful.

After the treatment, the oil felt great, I was imagining all the lice (which managed to get away from the heat and combing were suffocating on my head). I actually think the itching stopped too.

But then I am home and trying to get that mess of thick oil out of my hair in the shower… man this stuff is thick, I load up with shampoo to try and wash it out, uh oh, I am out of shampoo.

I get out of the shower, dry off my hair with a towel…oh God, that was a fresh towel wasn’t it. It my frantic mood, I can’t remember, smells clean, I think, maybe that is just the smell from my hair. I better blow dry my hair real good just in case.

Wow, shit, my hair is completely a fro now and yup, I don’t have a brush or comb, they are all in the freezer. Well, looks like the messy look wrapped into a bun will have to do.

Next to start on the cleaning. Where to start, let me vacuum. Hmm…. Do we really say that vacuuming works?  I think  my vacuum doesn’t suck strong enough, I go to test on a piece of sand, but wait, let me glue the sand to a hair and well… okay it sucks good enough, it just took up the hair.

I continue the cleaning and by the time I get done, I realize I don’t hear the dryer…yup, that’s right…the dryer stopped working…of all days for this to happen!! I head to the laundromat with my wet clothes and at least enough pillows and blankets to make it through the night.

2nd time down to the laundromat and I get out the clothes I put in the first load. The dryer wont’ stop spinning so I almost rip off my hand trying to get all my stuff out. Then as I am doing this I realize it doesn’t feel very hot. Wait I said HIGH HEAT, yup, dial is on high heat, high heat light is lit, but this isn’t high heat. I go quickly to the other 4 dryers that I have pumped in hundreds of quarters, they all are barely warm. What the hell. Life can’t be this awful, it can’t be…this isn’t possible.

Of course it is 9pm, no one is around. I am just screwed. I take a sheet, load up all my clothes and head back home. Too exhausted to bring them in I leave them in the car. Then I realize, shit, I have to re vacuum the car, and me, I probably have lice all over me by now.

11 o’clock, I climb in bed, I have a sheet and two African pieces of cloth covering me as I climb in bed, no pillow, but I am exhausted, who cares.

As I lay in bed, I feel my head itching. I can’t stop itching. I am sure I have re-contaminated my head.  The lice weren’t there because they were in my car, on my clothes, my towel, my pillow, I have them all back in my head, I am sure of it.

I toss and turn, wake up at least 3 times in the night, cold, imagining lice all over me, and sure I am reinfected. 5am I am up and ready to call Sarah to come retreat me. Is it too early? I will just call the Lice Girls number, she will answer. Oh, I am on call today, it will just ring to me.  Hmmm…she probably won’t answer the phone. I will wait.

Is it all the combing and I have a raw scalp? Or is it just in my head?

Lice makes us crazy…..

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