Neck Rash = Head Lice Symptom

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Neck Rash = Head Lice Symptom

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Neck rash from head lice infestation

This may not seem logical…wouldn’t you be itchy before your head lice was so bad that you had a rash on the back of your neck?  Well, no. Only half of people with head lice itch at all, but many clients come to us with rashes on the back of their necks. We treated a doctor who was going to start medication for a staff infection because she couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t get rid of the rash on her neck…turns out she had head lice!

We treated her head lice and 2 days later the persistent rash was gone. The rash typically develops on clients with long hair that is frequently worn down. The bugs are living in the hair that is laying on the neck and they will stop to eat a blood feast on the person’s neck…yes, I know…pretty gross. It has been reported that the OTC toxic treatments actually irritate the rash and it doesn’t go away, even if the bugs do.

The best way to treat the rash is to get a non-toxic lice treatment that can eradicate the lice completely, such as our fabulous treatments here at Lice Girls, then your rash will disappear with a day or two!

So if you are curious if you or your child has head lice, don’t forget to check the back of their neck for a lice rash 🙂

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