One of those days

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One of those days

Ever have one of those days when everything just feels a little lousy?  I really meant that as a bad day…I can’t help it that louse looks a lot like lousy..

I had one of those days recently and this is why:

1. My outspoken child mistook my fabulously course gray hair for nits and scared the H**L out of me…I know I work as a de-louser, but it doesn’t mean the thought of them on my own head doesn’t freak me out!

2. Spilled the bag of dirty laundry from work in my car…yes, that means lice were thrown all over my car and now I have to burn it.

3. My parent coach, that was helping me channel the kids squabbling into happiness, dismissed me…ahem, didn’t know that was possible?

I’m going to chalk that up to a bad day and assume the new car will be fabulous, my gray roots make me look distinguished, and maybe the parent coach fired me because my children never fight and constantly exuberant happiness…yep, thats my story and I’m sticking to it.

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