Seizures and Head Lice

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Seizures and Head Lice

What can seizures possibly have to do with head lice?

Why let me tell you! One of our clients was an ER doctor and we treated his wife and daughter for head lice…yes, even doctors can’t defeat the dreaded super lice. He was thrilled to find out about our heat treatment and non-toxic products. Why, because he knows first hand the neurological impact of the toxic chemicals in most OTC head lice treatments.  We were shocked to find out that a standard question ER docs ask a patient that comes to the ER with seizures is whether they have used an OTC head lice treatment?  Seriously!

The neurotoxins in head lice treatment products have a neurological impact on everyone, but those with neurological sensitivities can experience profound impacts. So if you have a sensitive child, you want to avoid the toxic OTC products at all costs…no joke.  Research has shown speech regression, aggressive behaviors, decrease in motor skills…just to list a few.  Clearly they can also cause seizures…

If you wouldn’t pour pesticides that kill rats on your child, please find out what is in your head lice treatment, there are safer and easier ways to get rid of the bugs…I promise.

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