St. Patrick’s Day Terror

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St. Patrick’s Day Terror


The 2012 Leprechaun trap was very well thought out by the kids, many drafts and samples were made, in fact it was foolproof and I assumed we would wake up to a squirrel or some other woodland creature stuck in it. This mama can become a little too immersed in creative endeavors and it certainly backfired on that fateful night…

Let me set the scene…3 of the kids can roll with anything, but 1 of the kids takes his world VERY literally…in fact his Papa said to him once “don’t let the bed bugs bite” and the kid stayed awake all night watching for bugs…oops! For some reason this mama felt this was something of the past…

The Leprechaun chewed through his trap and somehow got in the house…he proceeded to move all the furniture around, color all the milk and toilet water green, left green footprints throughout the house, pulled all the kitchen drawers out, sprinkled Leprechaun dust, and wrote a message on the bathroom mirror “You can’t trick me!”…my sweet boy who believes his entire world (fairies, leprechauns, and that his deceased dog is now a deer that visits our house) woke up to use the bathroom that fateful night…it was not good.

I heard the screams from our bedroom and it awoke me instantly…my sweet boy was shaking and backed into a corner…he was sure the Leprechaun was still in the house and coming to get him…this mama held her sweet 7-year-old for 5 hours that night while he watched with wide eyes for the leprechaun…ahem, let’s just say there wasn’t a trap in 2013… in fact the kids created peace that year and just leave the little Irish fellow rainbows with chocolate coins.

This year’s trap had an easy escape and the Irish gentleman left only thoughtful shamrocks in the house and some green streamers…yes, old dogs (mamas) do learn new tricks 🙂


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