Start a lice business, are you crazy?!?!?!?

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Start a lice business, are you crazy?!?!?!?

We are often asked “What made you start a lice business?” and the answer is a little strange. A friend and parent at our kids’ school suggested we start a head lice business (thanks Jen;)…many parents we knew would travel to Seattle to pay a lot of cash to have their children nitpicked, and we REALLY didn’t see that as our calling…in fact our kids had never even had head lice before, not to mention it just sounded gross! We hummed and hawed for a few months about what to do…Sophia was not working and I was searching for any role where I could be something other than a chauffeur or housekeeper.

Over the following 2 months we heard this head lice treatment idea from a handful of moms, so we decided some market research couldn’t hurt. I must say I am a mama gorilla at heart, I truly “nitpick” or groom my kids any chance I can get (I blame my own mother for this – she was the same way) so the idea of nitpicking didn’t bother me…but did I really want my legacy to be HEAD LICE????? Needless to say the market research revealed head lice treatment as a fairly strong business idea and away we set to learn everything we could about the little critters.  Yes, there was the occasional conversation “what are we doing?” while scratching our head incessantly…there was also my mother saying “can’t wait to tell the family you are a head lice picker, good use of your masters degree”…not to mention, what would we tell people at cocktail parties when asked what we do for a living…oh wait, I don’t go to any cocktail parties because I have 4 kids…silly me.

After coming to terms with the idea of bugs becoming our specialty, we dove right in. We attended a conference in Salt Lake City focused on head lice treatment using the AirAlle, a heat device that kills nits and bugs. We were very nervous about what kind of people we would find at a head lice conference, I mean really, this can’t be a business that attracts witty, intelligent people…can it? I am happy to report we were quite wrong…in fact there are hundreds of head lice treatment centers worldwide, and only a few of the owners are a little off…well at least that we could see. We came back from the conference solidly invested in starting a head lice treatment service and sores all over our heads from itching for 2 days straight…that is the hazard of talking about bugs crawling in your hair…it can literally get into your head!

Now that we have been open for 6 months and are settling into our first treatment center, I can say we are thrilled to be here!  My job is pretty great…I get to hang out with cool moms and funny kids all day, but I don’t have to feed or drive them anywhere 🙂 My kids still primarily see me as a chauffeur and housekeeper, but now I can add lice assassinator to my superhero powers…what more could a gal ask for?

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