Super Hero…Super Lice…WHAT??

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Super Hero…Super Lice…WHAT??

Why is lice so prevalent now? I never had it as a kid and don’t remember anyone having it growing up…so this launched my incredibly savvy internet investigation. According to the always reliable Google, DDT was developed by Merck & Co in the 1943 to treat head and body lice in the US Army around the world…yes, Merck was responsible for creating that lovely pesticide, we have so much to thank them for…ahem. DDT was quite effective in treating lice until it was finally banned in 1972…just about the time our lovely generation was growing up (if you are younger than me, please don’t point that out, it simply depresses me). Head lice didn’t make a significant re-appearance until 1977, and even then it wasn’t enough to become an epidemic in classrooms like we see today. Permethrin (another sweet little neurotoxin and pesticide) was introduced in the late 1970’s, but head lice became resistant, and as a result dozens of new nuerotoxins and pesticides have  been created to treat everything from head lice to rat infestations…really people, have we not figured out that we can’t outsmart the bugs and rats??!?

Anywho…the amazing and radical SUPER LICE were created as a result of our toxic attempts to control the problem…yes I know, super lice is a dramatic name, but really, if could change your exoskeleton and increase your ability to lay eggs wouldn’t you consider yourself a superhero?

Long story short, we used too many chemicals to treat head lice in the past, they have evolved and are resistant to most OTC treatments, in fact at least 90% of our clients have used the toxic chemicals first and still have live bugs… because yes folks, it is the large female bugs that survive the chemicals (talk about girl power!)…and yes, they will continue to lay 4-8 eggs a daily until you remove them…hence, why head lice is so prevalent and so difficult to get rid of…thank you Merck & Co for job security as a Lice Girl!

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