Seizures and Head Lice

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Seizures and Head Lice

What can seizures possibly have to do with head lice?

Why let me tell you! One of our clients was an ER doctor and we treated his wife and daughter for head lice…yes, even doctors can’t defeat the dreaded super lice. He was thrilled to find out about our heat treatment and non-toxic products. Why, because he knows first hand the neurological impact of the toxic chemicals in most OTC head lice treatments.  We were shocked to find out that a standard question ER docs ask a patient that comes to the ER with seizures is whether they have used an OTC head lice treatment?  Seriously!

The neurotoxins in head lice treatment products have a neurological impact on everyone, but those with neurological sensitivities can experience profound impacts. So if you have a sensitive child, you want to avoid the toxic OTC products at all costs…no joke.  Research has shown speech regression, aggressive behaviors, decrease in motor skills…just to list a few.  Clearly they can also cause seizures…

If you wouldn’t pour pesticides that kill rats on your child, please find out what is in your head lice treatment, there are safer and easier ways to get rid of the bugs…I promise.

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I think I must be feeling 2 today because I have the Whys?

So a few days ago was our 2-year anniversary here at Lice Girls and I tried to put myself in the place of being two to see what that could mean to our busineindexss… or at least that is what I thought I was doing, and by doing that I just had lots of questions.  Big questions for the business but ones that I think are sort of healthy for a 2 year old business, ones that make us check why & how we are doing what we do.   But then I had the other whys!  The whys that get a little carried away, whys that could actually waste my time.

WHY do people continue to use toxic, non-effective head lice treatment products?

WHY are they calling super lice “mutant ninja” lice?

WHY does killing and annihilating a tiny wee bug cause me, the “Peace” major, such satisfaction?

WHY is the lice STIGMA still so prevalent today when we know lice don’t discriminate?

WHY does even mentioning the dreaded “lice” make some people itch and flinch with fear….  some even get downright psychotic  in the belief that they are THERE even when they are NOT!!

These are just a few of those “why”question that started to flood my mind as I was treating my last client.  Then with all these why’s you start to come up with a list of answers that often include some pretty wild conspiracy theories.  Does this ever happen to you?  I surely hope so, as one doesn’t like to be alone in there craziness. 

imagesWell maybe it isn’t crazy to to think that those green mutant ninja turtles are tired of living in sewers so they are mating with super powered head lice to shrink and find new homes on the top of heads… I mean that way they do get a whole new view of the world right.

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PTA Fundraising Opportunity

When it comes to fundraising, you’ve done it all.

Cookie dough, box tops, wrapping paper, popcorn and juice pouches. It’s usually worth the effort. After all, your school sure can use the funds. What if you could raise funds 37with little to no effort? What if your fundraising could also help families AND reduce absenteeism in your school?

Just think about this…

  • Head Lice is a common problem in school age children.
  • Approximately 1 in 20 kids in the US have head lice at any given time!!
  • Overall – kids are absent 12-24 MILLION days of school each year due to head lice.

Could this little pest actually make money for your school?

Introducing Head tops for Education

After receiving a treatment from our lice clinic, a $5.00 HEAD TOPS voucher will be issued for each family member treated. The voucher is confidential. No family name appears on it. Only the number of treatments and the name of your school.

Monthly, you will be notified by email of the number of vouchers we have collected. Quarterly, a check will be mailed to your school equaling the amount of vouchers that have been accumulated for that quarter.

We do the treatments. You cash the checks.

Moms shouldn’t have to go it alone!

We offer a full range of head lice treatments. From our full “guaranteed premier treatment” to our “do-it-yourself” products, we have a solution for every level of infestation.

Lice can actually make money for your school

Let us cure whats bugging you AND make those bugs count for your school.   If you are interested in starting this program up at your school, simply email and we will get you started!  HeadTops for Education

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Trish Bittman Guest Post – Even hot bloggers get head lice!

582335_10151361560968341_337545763_nThis past school year has been absolutely lousy (you see what I did there?)!

Each one of my three daughters had lice. Each one of their schools sent an email to all the parents notifying us that a student had been found to have head lice at least five times this year. It went through their classrooms, softball teams and Girl Scout troops. (I swear girls hug each other and get head-to-head way too much).

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How will I survive summer and head lice?

lord of fliesOk, I know I should be excited about summer approaching so quickly, hot weather and summer vacations, but the reality is…I’m terrified! I received a very upbeat email from my kids’ school  saying “only 12 days left of school!”…WTF…that can’t be…that must be a typo of epic proportions…I…can’t…breathe.

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Warm Weather = More Head Lice


Camp is the #1 place to catch head lice this summer

Along with all that Vitamin D in the sunny months we are oh so lucky to see an increase in head lice. Head lice prefer temperatures close to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which is why it is so common to bring home head lice from your sunny vacations. Lice Girls has seen a huge spike in business in the weeks post-spring break.

This means summer months in our sunny (we hope) Pacific Northwest will create a perfect environment for lice outbreaks. The hotter its gets, the more active head lice become. This means a female louse lays more eggs and they hatch faster, leading to more severe infestations.

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The Lice Girl gets lice, seriously!

Lice Girls giving and receiving a treatment.

Lice Girls giving and receiving a treatment.

Well, it finally happened, this Lice Girl got lice.  So, I had been itching like crazy for four days. Sarah and I had barely crossed paths and I kept forgetting to have her check me. Then this morning I woke up and my neck was itching like crazy and sure enough I look into the mirror at home and I have the dreaded neck rash that happens when you have lice!! OH S#$!, no way….

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Neck Rash = Head Lice Symptom

photo 1

Neck rash from head lice infestation

This may not seem logical…wouldn’t you be itchy before your head lice was so bad that you had a rash on the back of your neck?  Well, no. Only half of people with head lice itch at all, but many clients come to us with rashes on the back of their necks. We treated a doctor who was going to start medication for a staff infection because she couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t get rid of the rash on her neck…turns out she had head lice!

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Giant SUV = Terrible Person?


Is my SUV too big?

Ok, I am coming clean…well not exactly because I am actually killing the world slowly with my new monstrous SUV…it was only a year ago that I judged those people with huge monstrosities they called cars, that don’t fit in parking spaces, take up too much room on the already crowded ferry, and honestly just look ridiculous.

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