PTA Fundraising Opportunity

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PTA Fundraising Opportunity

When it comes to fundraising, you’ve done it all.

Cookie dough, box tops, wrapping paper, popcorn and juice pouches. It’s usually worth the effort. After all, your school sure can use the funds. What if you could raise funds 37with little to no effort? What if your fundraising could also help families AND reduce absenteeism in your school?

Just think about this…

  • Head Lice is a common problem in school age children.
  • Approximately 1 in 20 kids in the US have head lice at any given time!!
  • Overall – kids are absent 12-24 MILLION days of school each year due to head lice.

Could this little pest actually make money for your school?

Introducing Head tops for Education

After receiving a treatment from our lice clinic, a $5.00 HEAD TOPS voucher will be issued for each family member treated. The voucher is confidential. No family name appears on it. Only the number of treatments and the name of your school.

Monthly, you will be notified by email of the number of vouchers we have collected. Quarterly, a check will be mailed to your school equaling the amount of vouchers that have been accumulated for that quarter.

We do the treatments. You cash the checks.

Moms shouldn’t have to go it alone!

We offer a full range of head lice treatments. From our full “guaranteed premier treatment” to our “do-it-yourself” products, we have a solution for every level of infestation.

Lice can actually make money for your school

Let us cure whats bugging you AND make those bugs count for your school.   If you are interested in starting this program up at your school, simply email and we will get you started!  HeadTops for Education