Long hair, selfies, and the beauty of a braid

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Long hair, selfies, and the beauty of a braid

Prevention is key to for those teens with long hair

Week after week we now see teen girls with beautiful long hair coming into our shop with head lice.   It isn’t just us; lice professionals around the nation are seeing the same trends.   I have been doing my own survey to see just how many of these girls take selfies.   A few have shown me their photos as I am doing treatments on them and sure enough, in their photos I am able to point out multiple times where there heads are together.   I am not going to tell anyone to stop taking selfies, as they are so much fun – the best part of a smart phone for me, but I tell them to take a few preventative tips:

  1. Braid your hair or keep your hair up and back when around friends and kids. Braids can be so beautiful and there are lots of different ways you can braid your hair.   If you don’t know how, just look it up, here are a few suggestions:
    Go to wikihow  or a real simple video  or of course there is YouTube as a resource.
  1. Use a preventative lice spray. There are some great ones out there that are super safe, non-toxic, and smell amazing. Check out our Lice Girls Mint Spray, you can even order it online.
  1. Remember not to share things.   While most head lice is from head-to-head contact, don’t borrow hats, jacks, or hair accessories.   Borrowing your friends brush to keep those locks looking beautiful could leave you with an unwanted gift.