Trish Bittman Guest Post – Even hot bloggers get head lice!

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Trish Bittman Guest Post – Even hot bloggers get head lice!

582335_10151361560968341_337545763_nThis past school year has been absolutely lousy (you see what I did there?)!

Each one of my three daughters had lice. Each one of their schools sent an email to all the parents notifying us that a student had been found to have head lice at least five times this year. It went through their classrooms, softball teams and Girl Scout troops. (I swear girls hug each other and get head-to-head way too much).

My husband and I did the whole routine – you know the one: vacuum everything, bag all the stuffed animals and throw pillows, wash everything and I mean everything.  We picked through their hair with nit combs, we applied thick goop to make it easier to get the nits and bugs out, we set them under an old-fashioned hair dryer and flat ironed their hair. Then we took preventative measures such as tea tree oil shampoo.

My girls were “clean” and I, however, was not. So I took myself to Lice Girls and had a fantastic experience! Sarah was able to get me in right away, a big plus for me. When you discover you have lice you don’t want to live with it a second longer than necessary.  The Lice Girls shop looks and feels like a salon. It’s very comfortable and bright; I felt like I was in a friend’s living room. Sarah’s sweet dog was even there.

The AirAlle treatment is completely painless and comfortable. The time went by fast because we spent it talking about our kids, husbands and pubescent daughters – I could go on about that new aspect of parenting for hours. Sarah thoroughly combed out all the dead nits after the treatment and it didn’t even hurt. My husband has a bad habit of pulling my hair when he does it. She then covered my hair in a non-toxic serum that was easy to wash out. The entire process took about an hour and my head has not itched since!  I’m happy to report the entire house continues to be louse free – even while emails from school continue to arrive in my inbox warning of another lice outbreak.

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