Warm Weather = More Head Lice

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Warm Weather = More Head Lice


Camp is the #1 place to catch head lice this summer

Along with all that Vitamin D in the sunny months we are oh so lucky to see an increase in head lice. Head lice prefer temperatures close to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which is why it is so common to bring home head lice from your sunny vacations. Lice Girls has seen a huge spike in business in the weeks post-spring break.

This means summer months in our sunny (we hope) Pacific Northwest will create a perfect environment for lice outbreaks. The hotter its gets, the more active head lice become. This means a female louse lays more eggs and they hatch faster, leading to more severe infestations.

So, how can you prevent head lice this summer? Be sure to have your kids checked at Lice Girls before and after summer camps, this will ensure they don’t bring home any unwanted guests from their adventures.  Stop by to talk with us about prevention products…they really work!



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