Why shouldn’t I treat lice myself?

Receiving the dreaded phone call that your child has head lice instantly creates stress and anxiety for any parent. The average person treats head lice for 3-6 months before completely eradicating the problem and spends hundreds of dollars and hours in attempt to get the pesky bugs out of their lives.

There are two choices to treat head lice: treat it on your own or contact Lice Girls. We will provide you with options that fit your family and budget, including teaching you how to do a comb out at home if that is the best option for your family.

Parents have been treating head lice at home for decades, so why shouldn’t I?

Even the most patient and skilled parent can be pushed to their limit when combing through their child’s hair for hours and staying awake at night thinking of all the places the bugs could be hiding. Many lice removal products found at your local drugstore are losing effectiveness because of overuse in society and the reality is that it’s next to impossible to get every nit the first time. 95% of our clients have attempted to eradicate head lice at home before calling Lice Girls.

Treatment Comparison
Treatment Avg. Price Toxicity Treatment Time Repeat Treatment Treatment Effectiveness
Lice Girls AireAlle Treatment
$185 – $115 none 30 min-1.25hrs
5-week guarantee and combing for the premier tx is $185
none 99.20%
Nitpicking Business
$180-$205 none 2-5 hours most often needed for guarantee 1 missed egg can lead to reinfestation
Leading Topical Treatment $60-$90 yes 2-5 hours 7-10 days 20-46% on live bugs, but they do not kill eggs, so 1 missed egg can lead to reinfestation
Picking & Combing at home
purchasing natural treatment serums, comb as well as averaging $20 per hour for lost wages
depends on home treatment-most are natural and do not have any toxicity 2-5 hours   1 missed egg can lead to reinfestation
Lice - Nymph Stage

Lice – Nymph Stage


Photo demonstrating the size of nymphs, just 8-9 days prior to being full grown and laying 4-8 eggs daily. Would you see them in your child’s hair?



Factors to consider when removing lice at home:

To ensure you remove all nits, it is recommended to perform a comb out every few days in the first 10 days to ensure all nits are caught before hatching and laying more eggs.

The average comb out lasts 1-2.5 hours, depending on the thickness of hair and age of the child and has to be repeated many times to get all of the nits.
Consider the cost of:

  • Missing work
  • School absences
  • Missing after school activities and sports
  • Additional electricity and water used to clean the home
  • Home remedy products *remember you have to purchase more product each time you do a comb out
  • Lice Combs
  • Replacement combs and hair accessories
  • Home cleaning products
  • Don’t forget about the mental stress of telling your child for the hundredth time to stay still and having them scream while you tug another bug out of their hair.
Lice Girls Treatment Center

Lice Girls Treatment Center

Lice Girls uses non-toxic, pesticide-free products and treatments. Because of this, head lice do not become resistant and you can rest assured your child has not been exposed to anything harmful. The moment you walk through the doors, you will experience the relief of knowing your child’s lice will be eradicated by friendly and caring professionals and you can get back to what’s important – your life!