Women starting businesses…oh, yes we can!

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Women starting businesses…oh, yes we can!

we can do itLast night the Lice Girls attended the Bainbridge Business Women’s monthly meeting at Bon Bon’s (yum!). It was very hard to network with wine and truffles…no really, it was…try having a conversation with a mouthful of the most amazing truffles in the world…not easy or elegant. Being the tough women that we are, we persevered and had a fantastic time!

Lisa Dunlap, the amazing brains and looks behind Bon Bon, held a wonderful event and has a story almost sweeter than her shop.  You can check out a quick synopsis of it here, but I want to add a few more tidbits about Lisa’s story. Lisa, like many moms, stayed home after her kids were born, but wanted a business of her own. For several years while her 3 children were young, she slowly researched the candy world and created her perfect shop…what kid would complain about going to a candy shop for mom’s business research…Lisa is a smart one! I wanted to point this out because I hear many women who aren’t sure what the next step is…do they have the skills to return to their pre-kid career or are they outdated…will their new boss be flexible with the kids schedules…do they hop on the first plane out of the country and live like a free woman (ok, this one’s just a secret desire of mine on Mondays)…what is the next stage of a woman’s life if she has left her job to raise kids?

I was so impressed with Lisa because she just did it…she knew she would get around to it one day and slowly pieced it all together…this is a lesson for so many of us because the most defeating thoughts come from within…we tell ourselves it won’t work or look for something that is quickly achievable. Think about the people you know that have made great achievements…now ask yourself if it took years of planning and bumps in the road…of course it did!

It was an honor and privilege to meet so many women last night that are running their own businesses…women rock!


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