The Worst Souvenir Ever

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The Worst Souvenir Ever

beachHawaii and Mexico have significantly higher rates of head lice than we do in the Northwest. Traveling at this time of year is vital to our sanity…escape the rain and soak up some vitamin D…just don’t bring home an itchy souvenir…LICE!

Lice Treatment centers see a surge of clients after spring break because traveling often results in head lice infestations…not exactly what you want to deal with when you arrive home…the bleak gray weather and return to school/work is depressing enough…then add on a head lice infestation for the whole family and it will drive any parent to brink of sanity.

YOU CAN PREVENT IT! Lice prevention products are proven effective in keeping those nasty little bugs away from your hair, seriously. I have treated kids where bugs were literally falling off their heads…bending down while carefully inspecting their hairline…it would have been easy for me to get infested…except I use prevention products. I swear by them!

A few tips while traveling will ensure your family returns free of bugs:

1. Keep hair up.

2. Lay a scarf/jacket over surfaces your head has direct contact with…airplane head rests, travel pillows, rental cars (try to get leather seats, bugs can live 48 hours off hosts), and movie theatre seats.

3. Don’t lay jackets on the ground or bathroom counter at the airport or in public places, always put them in your bag.

4. If you are concerned about a jacket or scarf coming in contact with head lice, put it in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes.

5. Don’t share hairbrushes, combs, or hats.

6. Don’t buy that cute sunhat that everyone walking by has tried on, choose the hat on the bottom of the pile.

Come see us when you return from your travels for a quick head check. We use high powered lighting and magnifying glasses for every head check, so we can catch it before it spreads to the whole family!



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